‘I refuse to target young drivers’

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THE transport minister has come to the defence of young drivers after calls for them to be banned from using the roads late at night.

The Association of British Insurers called for a new law to stop under-25s from driving between 11pm and 4am and a zero alcohol limit.

But transport minister Mike Penning, also MP for Hemel Hempstead, said there is no evidence to suggest young drivers are more dangerous in those times.

He said: “I am not going to say to someone, ‘You are good enough to pass your driving test, but not drive at certain times of the day.’

“We can’t completely exclude an entire generation of people that work anti-social hours from driving to and from work.”

Suzette Davenport, the Association of Chief Police Officers’ roads policing chief, told a national newspaper that young drivers should be barred from motorways and driving at night.

She also said they should be banned from motorways and face limits on how many passengers they carry.

They would be forced to display the currently optional ‘P’ plate, which shows a driver has just passed the test, under her plans.

Mr Penning plans to introduce a new law next year allowing people to practice on motorways before and during their test to improve their over-all driving skills.