Motorists must put brakes on

VILLAGERS are delighted with news that speed limits will be slashed on their roads.

Motorists will have to kill their speed – in some places by 50 per cent – as new limits are imposed in Pitstone, Ivinghoe, Marsworth and Cheddington.

Under Bucks County Council’s plans drivers will also be forced to slow down earlier when entering Dagnall.

Pitstone Parish Council clerk Laurie Eagling said councillors are delighted with changes for their village, which includes a slash from 60mph to 30mph near Cooks Wharf Cottages and along Cheddington Road.

Under the plans, due to be implemented by the end of the year, Vicarage Road and its surrounding streets will become 30mph zones – a reduction of 10mph.

Mrs Eagling said: “Vicarage Road is sometimes used as a rat run. The reduction to 30mph throughout the residential area will help to protect the residents.

“The end of Cheddington Road used to be a hazardous area with a de-restricted speed limit, no footpath, narrow verges and a narrow and low bridge around a bend with limited visibility.

“The 30mph limit will be another step towards better safety for residents at the far end of Cheddington Road and Cooks Wharf, which include a number of children and two users of disability scooters.

“There are also a lot of young people who travel between Pitstone and Cheddington during the evenings and the lower speed limit will make their journey much safer.”

Elsewhere speeds on Lower Icknield Way in Pitstone will be cut from the national speed limit of 60mph to 40mph.

Mrs Eagling said: “We hope the reduction will help protect users of the sports facility and pedestrian traffic from the new estate.”

Discussions about Buckinghamshire speed limits have been taking place since 2003 and a report recommending the speed changes was approved by the county cabinet last month. It aims to improve quality of life for residents.

Motorists will also have to slow down to 30mph in current 60mph zones along Long Marston Road and Church Lane in Marsworth, at Ivinghoe Great Gap and at West End Road in Cheddington.

Station Road and Church Path in Cheddington and the 40mph limit through the heart of Ivinghoe Aston will change to 30mph, while the 60mph section near the north western end of the village will reduce to 40mph.

In Dagnall, 30mph zones at the five gateways to the village – at Main Road North, Ringshall Road, Main Road South, Studham Lane and Dunstable Road – will be extended by around eight metres. It means drivers will have to slow down sooner when entering the village.