‘Railway noise is keeping us awake at night’

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RAILWAY workers are keeping neighbours awake with noisy work that can be heard more than 400 yards away, a resident has claimed.

Ian Johnston, of Park Street, Berkhamsted says he was kept awake from midnight to 3.30am on Thursday and from 1.30am to 3am on Friday.

He said: “I have heard complaints from people living more than 400 yards from the railway.

“Not only was the work itself exceptionally noisy, but the workers also sounded a horn whenever they moved a vehicle.”

He says he has double-glazed windows and wears ear plugs in bed, but can still hear their noisy work.

To add insult to injury, Mr Johnston said they did no work on the railways throughout the day on Sunday – even though two railway lines were closed.

Instead he said they waited until 10.30pm and then the noisy work started again.

Mr Johnston has contacted Network Rail to complain – but says he has had no reply.

He said: “I suggest the problem arises from the poor quality of Network Rail’s local management.

“I really think they could do this better and be more considerate.”

Network Rail was unavailable for comment by the time The Gazette went to press.

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