Signal fault brings all trains to a halt

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RUSH hour commuters had to wait for more than an hour yesterday after a signal failure brought trains to a standstill.

From 7am to 8.25am, all railway lines were closed through Watford. Two were then reopened, but the full four were not up and running again until 11am.

There were long delays for passengers waiting at Hemel Hempstead, Tring and Berkhamsted stations.

Network Rail spokesman Russell Spink said: “On behalf of Network Rail, Virgin Trains and London Midland, I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the severe disruption.

“This was caused by a signalling problem at Watford, which resulted in the loss of all signals on all four lines.

“In the interest of passenger safety, all trains were brought to a halt immediately by our ‘fail safe’ system.

“Engineers were on site as soon as possible to identify the fault and carry out repairs to get trains running again.

“Network Rail is continuing with its investigations to determine the cause of yesterday morning’s failure. We will be carrying out further testing overnight to establish the root cause.”