Snow causes traffic problems for drivers

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Dacorum has been resilient in the face of overnight snow flurry – but more is forecast for later in the week.

Gritters spent about two hours on the roads from 7pm on Tuesday, and 7am on Wednesday after it had fallen, to ensure drivers faced minimal delays.

Passengers at Luton Airport were not so lucky, as part of its runway was closed, causing massive delays.

Herts County Council says that on each trip gritters will treat more than 42 per cent of the area’s roads, covering 1,553 miles.

They focus on the A roads under the council’s control, then the B roads – ensuring there is one route in and out of each village, then its major bus routes.

Police yesterday advised motorists on icy roads to drive slowly in a high gear, accelerate and brake slowly, be careful on bends, and check screen wash levels, fuel and the grip on tyres.

They also said carrying blankets, a shovel and a hot drink could be a good idea, as well as dressing warmly.

Abandoning cars could lead to them being clamped if they are left in a dangerous or obstructive position.