‘Why did you fork out on road no one uses?’

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Roads bosses have forked out on resurfacing a street that is used by hardly any cars at all, an angry road-user says.

Richard Barley spoke out after discovering that The Wilderness in Berkhamsted had been completely transformed.

The 69-year-old, of the town’s Orchard Avenue, said: “The roads and pavements in Berkhamsted are in many, many places, in a poor state, leading to vehicle damage and falls.

“But the Wilderness did not need resurfacing.

“Although living in Berkhamsted a long time, I have never seen a vehicle parked where the very nice double lines have been carefully applied.

“However, Church Lane has been a trip hazard for months with cobbles missing, or lying scattered around.

“Prioritising of work and common sense seems to have left Berkhamsted, and this is not the first time repair priorities have been muddled.”

Herts Highways said more information on its road works can be found at www.hertsdirect.org/roadworks