Tributes for road victims stay – if safe

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HIGHWAYS authorities in Herts say that roadside memorials for people killed in traffic accidents can stay for an unlimited time, as long as they pose no safety risk for drivers or pedestrians.

Bolton Council has become the first in the UK to impose a strict 30 day limit for roadside memorials – but there are no plans to take similar action here.

A Herts Highways spokesman said: “While our policy suggests a month as a suitable length of time for floral tributes to be placed at a site on the anniversary of an accident, in most cases we are happy for them to stay in place for an unlimited time, provided they are not a distraction or risk to road users.

“We aim to deal with requests in a sympathetic way and can discuss permanent memorials, such as planting a shrub, as an alternative to floral tributes.”

David Austin of Dacorum Borough Council added: “The council doesn’t have a policy on flowers at the roadside as memorials.

“We have always taken a compassionate approach and so far these memorials have never caused any issues. If we were to consider a roadside memorial to pose any risks we would take appropriate action.”