Tributes paid to fire dog Browza

Browza the fire dog has passed away.
Browza the fire dog has passed away.

One of the first dogs in the UK to be employed by the fire and rescue service has passed away.

Tributes have been paid to labrador Browza who served alongside Herts firefighters for six years, investigating more than 270 incidents, which helped to secure numerous convictions.

Chief fire officer Roy Wilsher said: “Browza’s significant achievements and successes have led the way in helping to make the county safer and acting as a deterrent to arsonists.

“We would all like to pay tribute to the work Browza has done and it is with fondness and appreciation that we will remember him.”

Paula Stevenson was Browza’s handler and he lived with her after his retirement. “He will be greatly missed,” she said.

Browza, who passed away on January 19, was 14 years and three months old and died of natural causes.