Tring Brewery gets a walk-on part in Brit flick

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The team making a new Brit flick featuring Hot Fuzz stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost has called on Tring Brewery to make sure their pub scene is as true to life as possible.

The World’s End, filmed partly on the Ashridge Estate, is about five childhood friends who reunite for a pub crawl – and end up being mankind’s only hope for survival.

One of the beers they drink is Crowning Glory, which is served from a pump featuring a distinctive Tring Brewery clip that has been specially designed for the film.

The brewery designers based the design for the fictional beer on the playing card image of a king and bears the slogan, ‘Brewed in Tring, fit for a King.’

But drinkers would need to treat the brew with caution, because its stated strength is 14.2 per cent – more than most bottles of wine.

That figure refers to Simon Pegg’s birthday, February 14.

The film is due out in August.