Tring Brewery toasts beer success after praise from an industry pro

Crowning Glory, Tring Brewery's first bottle-conditioned beer
Crowning Glory, Tring Brewery's first bottle-conditioned beer

A Tring Brewery tipple has had praise poured on it by respected beer commentator Roger Protz.

On his website, the ale aficionado complimented Crowning Glory for its ‘hazy bronze colour topped with a billowing head of foam’ and the ‘nutty malt, caramel, and spicy and bitter hops’ flavour.

The limited edition beer was especially created as a prop on The World’s End film – scenes of which were shot on the Ashridge Estate – with actors Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright.

Brewery spokesman Ben Marston said: “Bottle conditioned means there’s a secondary fermentation in the bottle rather than it being filtered first.

“There’s no living organism in the beer until you add a small amount of yeast and priming sugar. It makes the beer a little bit stronger and with more flavour.”

Ben revealed that the brewery had received requests from overseas for bottles of Crowning Glory to be shipped as far as Japan and the USA after beer-lovers had spotted it on the big screen and wanted to try it for themselves.

Due to the popularity, Ben has confirmed that there will now be a second brewing of the much-praised ale – available to buy soon at the shop on Dunsley Farm in London Road.

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