Tring business owner needs a dragon to back bamboo bra

MCHG   12- 949  Elle Dawson of Gorgeous, Tring, has designed a new bra. It is modelled by Joules Lowe.
MCHG 12- 949 Elle Dawson of Gorgeous, Tring, has designed a new bra. It is modelled by Joules Lowe.

A lingerie boutique owner has invented a bra to benefit women who have had breast surgery and is looking for investment to bring it to market.

Danielle Dawson, who runs Gorgeous in Tring, came up with the idea for her post-surgical eco-friendly compression bra because so many people had made enquiries for a more comfortable version of a post-op under garment.

She said: “After listening to women’s individual journeys and their ordeals on a daily basis and from my own experience with breast surgery, I became increasingly aware of the problems women face after surgery.

“Patients tend to feel swollen, sore and tender while any movement of the breast can feel really uncomfortable.

“Also when they are in hospital the doctors need to be able to take the bra off easily in a way that causes minimal pain.”

Danielle’s patented design uses bamboo fibres, which are naturally antibacterial, on the inner cup so the material that touches the skin helps fight against any external infection.

The bra also fastens at the shoulder to avoid pain when removing it and has shock absorber pads that give light compression to restrict movement and to help healing.

The bra has been tested on women who have had surgery and Danielle has also taken advice from surgeons in the field.

She said: “I really believe it’s the first of its kind. I put together a concept that has all the attributes that people told me they needed.”

Customer Joules Lowe, who had breast surgery in January, is a supporter of the invention and wishes she could have had a similar product.

She said: “It works well compared to the bras I had.

“I would have preferred to have had such a supportive bra.”

Danielle needs to raise about £17,000 to have the first batch made in a factory and is looking for investment to help put her invention on the shelves.