Tring gets £100,000 cash injection to spend on town improvements

Tring High Street.
Tring High Street.
  • Dacorum Borough Council gives Tring £100,000 following councillor’s request
  • Money will be used to improve the market town
  • Town will decide how the money is spent

Tring has secured £100,000 in funding which will be ploughed into improving the town.

The town council was granted the cash after Councillor Penny Hearn simply asked for it following major investment projects in neighbouring towns Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead.

If you don’t ask you don’t get, quite frankly. I’m very pleased, it is a lot of money.

Councillor Penny Hearn

Borough and town councillor Mrs Hearn said: “When we were doing the Budget at borough level, I asked if it was possible to have some money for the Tring Town Plan. We were given the fantastic sum of £100,000, which is great.

“If you don’t ask you don’t get, quite frankly. I’m very pleased, it is a lot of money.”

The town council consulted with organisations, charities, schools, police and other groups to ask them what they like about Tring and what they would like to see improved. Questionnaires were also sent out to every home in the town.

Mrs Hearn said: “It is a plan for Tring and we are setting up a working committee to look into it and start to make some of the improvements and changes in the town.”

The suggested changes include the introduction of 20mph zones particularly around schools and the town centre with problem areas identified as Station Road, Grove Road, Mortimer Hill, Chiltern Way, Akeman Street, Frogmore Street and Christchurch Road.

Also on the list of suggestions is sprucing up the High Street and fresh planting in Church Square, improving footpaths, pavements and cycle paths, resurrecting the Tring Station Gateway project to ensure visitors get a first class experience when using the railway station through better facilities and improved transport links into the town.

Leader of Dacorum Borough Council Andrew Williams said: “We have looked at the investments we have been making in Hemel Hempstead with the Evolution scheme and in Berkhamsted with the multi-storey car park, and we took that to the Budget and have allocated £100,000 to Tring’s development plans over the next two financial years.

“This is for Dacorum to give some funding to Tring Town Council for them to use it for their local priorities. It won’t be a project we are producing in the same way as we have done for Hemel - the borough council will be giving them support, but ultimately it will be their decision about how the money is spent.”