Tring School to go green

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TRING students are leading an initiative to turn their school green.

Rosie Hill and Jack Roberts, who are the head boy and girl at Tring School, in Mortimer Hill, have made steps to encourage their fellow pupils to join them in the project.

The 17-year-olds, along with their deputies Xavier Cohen and Maddie Gough, created a video that features students’ opinions on environmental issues..

Rosie explained that the video, which was filmed last week, was a great way to get the students talking and thinking about the issues.

She said: “We discovered that the school community shared our concerns, particularly the fact that in just 12 years the UK will run out of landfill sites. So it’s up to our generation to do something about the problem.”

Now the hard work starts as the students are planning to introduce recycling bins throughout the school and look into other ways that the school can reduce its impact on the local community and the wider environment.

Jack said: “We are going to be looking to local businesses to sponsor some of these initiatives. We really believe that together we can make a difference.”

The film has been shown to pupils at a series of presentations this week and it can also be viewed at