Tring students in the spirit of the Olympics

Tring School rings
Tring School rings

STAFF at Tring School had to enlist the help of someone with a cherry picker to capture this image of the pupils recreating the Olympic ring logo.

Deputy head Andrew Dobberson came up with the plan to get students in the mood for their own Olympic Sports Day on Friday, July 13.

He said: “About 11 years ago we had 1,300 pupils take part in a huge hug in the playing fields and I wanted to do something on that scale for London 2012.

“I saw another school do it in Portsmouth and thought it was a great idea.”

Students did a life skills class in the Olympic values of respect, friendship and excellence in the weeks leading up to the photograph.

Hundreds of pupils gathered on the school field in their house colours and the teachers wore black.

They did Mexican waves and the event was filmed by community online television station Dee TV.

Tring School has been allocated 16 tickets for an Olympic football game and eight tickets for swimming at the Paralympics.

The students are now looking forward to finding out which of them will be lucky enough to go.