Tring youngsters campaign for new floodlights to be installed at their skate park


Community-minded teens in Tring are hoping to have floodlights installed at the town’s skate park.

The news comes after a successful fundraising campaign by Berkhamsted Youth Town Council raised £2,500 for a similar project

It is not yet known how much it would cost to install lights at the Tring venue, or who would pay for it.

Councillor for the area Nick Hollinghurst said: “The Tring Youth Town Council is working on some suggested improvements to the skate park.

“One of the things they will be looking at is: ‘Is there a possibility of putting in some controlled lights?’

“The aim would be to have carefully positioned lighting that enables the skate park to be used in hours of darkness up to 9pm without causing any glare to residents in Station Road.”

The facility - which is in Pound Meadow - lies between that street and the busy London Road.

Mr Hollinghurst said: “I hope we can find a way of doing this that is acceptable to everybody.

“I think quite rightly people in Station Road are concerned that there might be glare from the lights.

“We must make sure that the design and positioning of the lights is such that this does not happen.”

Lights in Berkhamsted’s Canal Fields skate park were installed after a survey by the town’s youth council found that young people in the area felt unsafe after dark.

Neighbours of the site were consulted before planning permission for the lights was granted by Dacorum Borough Council and they now stay on until 10pm.