TV homes show couple settle in

Location Location Location Neil and Liz
Location Location Location Neil and Liz

Neil Cundale and Liz Rees, who were featured in last week’s Location Location Location, have said that it was ‘surreal’ to sit in their new home while watching themselves on television buying it.

Neil and his fiancée Liz moved into the home that property expert Kirstie Allsopp helped them buy just five days before the show aired on Channel 4.

The popular television programme followed the couple as they viewed homes in the Tring area and finally had their offer accepted on a three bedroom property in Christchurch Road.

Neil said: “It was a really exciting experience and searching for the property was intense and involved long days but it was a good shortcut to finding the house we really want.”

The programme was filmed back in May after Neil got in touch with the production company wanting to be on the show.

Kirstie Allsopp was tasked with finding the newly-engaged couple a home that would be ideal for their future children, close to Neil’s mother and within their budget of £400,000.

In the months after the show Neil and Liz were able to complete and move in time to invite their friends and family round to the new house to watch them buy it on television.

Neil said: “I think for both Liz and I, it was nerve racking because we hadn’t seen the episode and it’s weird to see and hear yourself on television but everyone said it was great.

“The whole thing was absolutely a positive experience. The production company did a lot of work for us and treated us really well and now we have a nice story to tell our kids one day.”