Twins Rhubarb and Custard have the lynx effect

Lynx kitten Rhubarb
Lynx kitten Rhubarb

EXPLORING his surroundings, Rhubarb the lynx (pictured) is perched inside a tree-trunk hideout.

He and brother Custard are a pair of feline newbies who are proving to be a hit with visitors at Whipsnade Zoo this summer.

The rare European lynx kittens are the first-borns of mum Maja and dad Timo at the 600-acre zoo.

The playful duo have already developed their distinctive pointed ears, but are yet to get their trademark spotted-marking on their coats.

They have just begun to explore their outdoor enclosure after remaining hidden away with mum Maja since their birth.

Visitors have been able to spot the playful pair running amongst the trees.