Two taxi drivers are stripped of licences

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A taxi driver has been banned from working for 14 days after a car crash, while two others have been stripped of their licences to operate in the borough.

In the first case a complaint was made to Dacorum Borough Council, which issues licences to drivers, after the cab driver concerned was involved in a collision.

The council’s licensing committee was satisfied that the incident resulted from the taxi driver not concentrating fully and decided during its meeting last Tuesday to suspend his licence for 14 days as a sanction.

Another driver, who had been convicted of a violent offence last year that was unrelated to his occupation, applied to have his licence renewed. After considering the council’s guidelines on convictions in relation to taxi licences and hearing from the driver, the committee decided to refuse the application.

In the third case heard by the panel, they were told the driver had been spotted driving erratically by a licensing officer, was the subject of a complaint from a member of the public for inconsistent driving, had endorsements on his licence for motoring offences and another taxi firm had complained about him regarding misrepresentation.

The committee refused the licence renewal on the grounds that these matters meant he could not be considered to be a ‘fit and proper person’ to hold a licence.