Ugly? Do they mean us? Hemel Hempstead leads poll for UK’s grottiest town centre

Hemel Hempstead town centre entertainment
Hemel Hempstead town centre entertainment

A surge of votes in an online poll now places Hemel Hempstead in first place in a vote to establish Britain’s ugliest town centre.

The team behind the infamous Crap Towns publications included Hemel Hempstead in a top 10 in what was described as a ‘not very scientific’ poll exercise.

Today Hemel Hempstead has overhauled previous front runner Luton with more than a quarter of votes cast, having attracted nearly 800 votes.

Other contenders include Slough, Birmingham, Bracknell and Hatfield

Shoppers quizzed about the rating in Hemel Hempstead town centre couldn’t see what the town had done to feature on the list.

Peter Chapman from Highfield said: “I’ve seen worse and I’ve seen better.”

He confirmed that Luton deserved to be in the lead, but admitted he preferred shopping in St Albans to his home town.

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