UKIP man claims students are being “brainwashed” by refugee event

South West Herts UKIP candidate Mark Anderson PNL-140930-154519001
South West Herts UKIP candidate Mark Anderson PNL-140930-154519001

A failed Parliamentary candidate has launched on online rant against a school event for International Refugee Day.

Parents and carers of students at Bishop Wood Church of England Junior School were told on Monday of the event which takes place next Thursday (June 22).

Youngsters are invited to wear the colour red and donate £1 to the charity People Not Borders.

But Mark Anderson, who stood in last week’s general election, immediately went online to claim that the event is “brainwashing politicisation”.

In a series of Tweets, he wrote: “My son’s school is hold a ‘refugees day’. Brainwashing politicisation of our children is alive in our primary schools and must be stopped.”

He added: “I will be making a complaint against Bishop Wood school for their new attempt to politicise children.”

Mr Anderson stood for Parliament in South West Herts in last week’s election on behalf of the UK Independence Party.

This was the second time he has stood for election in South West Herts, but unfortunately he saw his share of the vote fall from 11.5 per cent in 2015, to just 2.1 per cent last week.

He has been unavailable for comment since the election.

Mr Anderson’s Tweets also refer to students “only learn(ing) about one manifestation of that within the spectrum of outcome and opinion”.

However Bishop Wood held a St George’s Day lunch just two months ago.

The school website also emphasises its ‘British values’, adding: “The school aims to serve its community within the context of Christian belief and practice.”

Bishop Wood Church of England Junior School said they were aware of the comment but were unable to comment.

But Paul De Hoest, who stood against Mr Anderson in last week’s general election, said: “It’s wonderful that this school have something for Refugee Awareness Day. Children should understand why there are refugees, and how civil conflict can affect people of all ages.

“If you look at the refugees coming from countries like Syria today, there are children their age who have endured great hardship to escape danger and reach a country which they hope they will be safe and welcoming.

“I hope that Mr Anderson will be able to recognise the valuable contribution that refugees have made to our society over many years.”

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