Update: Trade union response to police force privatisation plans

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A trade union has welcomed the announcement that three police forces have abandoned proposals to let security contracts giant G4S take control of their back office staff.

Herts, Beds and Cambs forces began drawing up the plans for their IT and human resources departments last June, but earlier today, Wednesday, said they were too complex.

Herts Police Unison chairman Steph Raddings said: “This decision will be welcomed by all of the hard-working staff in Hertfordshire Constabulary who have continued to drive high performance over the past year despite the uncertainty over their future employment conditions.”

The union says G4S, which last year failed to deliver 10,400 security guards in time for the Olympics, has ‘little knowledge of service delivery in policing’.

It said the forces should instead have been looking at saving costs by merging the departments internally.

The union is also concerned that Herts police commissioner David Lloyd still plans to let the private sector take control of back office staff in future.

But Ms Raddings said: “We will continue to work closely with the constabulary and look forward to a similar relationship with the police and crime commissioner.”