Use it or lose it warning to people of Bennetts End

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PEOPLE in Bennetts End are being warned to ‘wake up’ and get involved with the community centre or risk losing it.

The management committee – many ‘on the wrong side of 70’ – say young blood is needed to run events or the community will lose its connection with the centre.

Already the Bennetts End fair and Christmas celebrations have dropped off the calendar because there is no-one to drive them forward.

Secretary Charles Bullen said: “For years the community centre served the people of Bennetts End and they used it but it’s not happening at the moment. Bennetts End is a proud area. Whatever has happened I don’t know. We are reliant on people living in the area to wake up a bit.

“What we want to try and do is get ordinary people in the area to come and organise all sorts of activities.”

People are invited to two meetings organised to raise interest in the centre. The first is at 2pm on Monday, March 12, and the second at 7.30pm on Tuesday, March 13.