Vandals of memorial garden are ‘disgusting’

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Supermarket trolleys were thrown into the pond of memorial gardens designed to commemorate soldiers killed in the Second World War in the latest attack on the Tring town centre landmark.

The fountain in the pond was smashed and broken and fence panels were pulled up and removed during the recent attack.

Tring town councillor John Allan said: “This latest desecration of Tring Memorial Garden is very upsetting.

“People wading out into the water in freezing weather to smash up the fountain is not casual vandalism – it is a very deliberate action, and I find this worrying. The police need to step up evening patrols to help combat this.”

Dacorum Borough Council spent about £50,000 sprucing up the garden, so that it could win a Green Flag award in July last year.

Vice-chairman of the Berkhamsted, Tring and District Royal British Legion Jim Wright said: “I think it is disgusting.

“A terrible lot of work went into it, and then it had only been done one day when they vandalised the whole lot.”

The Friends of Tring Memorial Garden, launched in early 2012, have spent hours replanting flower beds and bulbs that were torn up during the attack.