Victim sounds alert on mattress conman

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A woman who believes she was the victim of a mattress selling conman wants to warn others.

The victim, who does not want to be named, handed over £180 for a memory foam mattress being sold by a man who claimed he worked for bed firm Dreams and drove a van carrying what appeared to be the company’s logo.

The woman, from Bovingdon, said: “He was tall, good looking, nicely spoken and seemed genuine. The ad was well written so it is a sleek operation. I have just been had really but I feel that people should be warned.”

The man, who called himself Darren and said he was from Highfield, advertised the mattresses for sale on a supermarket community notice board.

But when the woman received her mattress it was not the high quality, hotel standard, memory foam mattress that she had been promised.

Trading Standards, Action Fraud and Dreams have been alerted.