Village traveller site is back on the table


A fresh bid for a traveller site in Bovingdon has been submitted to planners and opponents of the scheme are urging villagers to lodge their objections.

Dacorum Borough Council has this month opened a consultation on the plan for land west of the Bobsleigh Hotel in Hempstead Road.

The application requests a residential caravan site for eight gypsy families each with two caravans and a utility building.

Bovingdon Action Group has sent out an email urging people to submit their objections and comments before the consultation closing date of February 25.

The application had previously been postponed due to questions over the boundary and ownership of the land but it appears that these issues have now been resolved.

A campaign spokesman said: “If you have already submitted your objections and comments on this application, that’s great and thank you. There is no need to submit your objection again.”

But if people want to update previously submitted comments they must clearly mark the changes and indicate that it is an ‘updated objection’.

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