Voice of the paper: The day Sir Stelios and Co finally saw sense

Roger Hawes
Roger Hawes

I rarely revisit subjects I have covered before in my comment pieces although I could be accused on occasions, like this week, of doing just that...

Today I feel compelled to report back on a comment I wrote here just two weeks ago.

It was entitled ‘Am I the only idiot to get this wrong’ and told a rather amusing, if somewhat embarrassing story, of how I missed flights coming back from holiday due to confusion over gate closure and flight times bridging two dates.

Bottom line is, I screwed up and misread the dates on the easyJet boarding passes and have had to pay the price ever since – although I have in my defence become expert at ‘spinning the yarn’.

Emboldened by the fact this exact same thing happened to others and I was not the only holiday idiot in town, I decided to embark on a crusade on the behalf of past and future victims.

Well, this week I have some positive news to report, or perhaps even gloat over.

I might even start to sound a little conceited so I apologise in advance if I do.

Those who read the previous Voice of the Paper will recall that I had written to the CEO of easyJet Carolyn McCall and secured reassurance the airline would look again at its presentation of dates, (or lack of) on boarding passes which led to mine and other travellers’ confusion.

Of course I held little belief that a company the size of easyJet would take too much notice of my complaint. And sure enough after a positive start in my communications, the company drifted into the predictable marketing speak no doubt fearful they might face a compensation claim.

Basically I got a ‘sorry you missed your flight, it was your fault’, we ‘understand your confusion, but you should have...’ etc, etc, and we ‘hope you will continue to fly with easyJet in the future’.

Having admitted liability at every turn I continued to pursue my belief the boarding passes invited confusion and I have now received the following communication:
“Thank you for your email and I am sorry that the team did not give comfort that we had taken your feedback seriously. Whilst we believe the booking confirmation, sent at the point of booking, is clear we can see how if the boarding passes are looked at in isolation that this could create confusion.

“As such our web team on the back of your original email to Carolyn looked at the various options and have requested a change to the way the boarding passes that span midnight are produced.

“This will be in place for next summer’s flights. Be assured that we have listened to your feedback and have taken action on it.”

Well done easyJet. Enough said – let’s move on now.