Volunteer for something ‘Special’ in 2015

Some of Herts' Special Constables
Some of Herts' Special Constables

Kick off the new year by volunteering at Hertfordshire Constabulary as a Special Constable.

Herts Police are urging dedicated people to help keep their community safe by joining their local force in duties such as patrolling pubs and clubs and assisting at burglaries and traffic accidents, or – if you want to become a Rural Special Constable – tackling poaching and helping injured livestock and wildlife.

Head of Special Constabulary Chief Inspector Carl Foster said: “Special Constables and Rural Special Constables are an incredibly valuable resource to the Constabulary.”

“You receive comprehensive training, so if you’re 18 or over and want to give back to the community for at least 16 hours a month become a Special Constable.”

All Special and Rural Constables will have full police powers and uniform while working alongside the regular force.

As a volunteer you wouldn’t be paid but expenses are reimbursed, apply online by visiting www.herts.police.uk/specials