Vox Pop: Do you agree with the BNP’s planned protest in the town?


Reporter Victoria Bull has been asking people in Hemel Hempstead town centre what they think of the planned protest due to take place in Barnacres Road today.

Darren Dean, Warners End:

I’m not concerned about it taking place, I’m for it. I wouldn’t want another mosque in the town. I won’t be joining in with them, but I agree with the right to protest.

Josh Chafer, Boxmoor:

I wouldn’t have any issue with a mosque being built there. If they want to have a mosque, let them have a mosque. If they want to have a church, let them have a church.

Amy Michie, owner of Tiki’s Cafe, Hemel Hempstead Town Centre:

The fact it could be a mosque shouldn’t come into it, it is a building. They can have an opinion but they are probably making a mountain out of a molehill.

Emily Deakin, Highfield:

For the BNP to do this makes them seem more racist. We live in a multi-cultural society and there is no need for racism to still be apparent. It is quite embarrassing.

Ian Paterson, The Cornfields:

I wouldn’t want another mosque but I don’t agree with the BNP. The way they talk is very hard and vicious. They can have the protest as long as they don’t start any hooliganism.

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