Vox Pop: Do you feel in safe hands with your local NHS?


Reporter Victoria Bull has been asking people in Hemel Hempstead town centre their views on healthcare provision in the area.

George Wheeler, Adeyfield:

‘No. My daughter is a ward manager at Watford and they are unable to cope because of the demand. Hemel is getting bigger and bigger, and we have a perfectly good hospital that does nothing.’

Samantha Robins, Bennetts End:

‘I had one daughter at Hemel’s birth unit and it was lovely, but having my second at Watford wasn’t. It’s terrible we are spending on the Water Gardens when we could be investing in healthcare.’

Shannon McCool, Potten End:

‘When my mum had my little brother, we had to go all the way to Watford, which was very difficult. It can be a problem having to travel for those kinds of things.’

Ron Hicks, shops in Hemel Hempstead:

‘If there were more services, people wouldn’t have to travel so far. The nearest A&Es are too far away for most people around this area.’

Shirley Ferrie, attending Hemel Hempstead Hospital for the first time:

‘I am never usually sick so it is not something I’ve worried about. I have been very impressed with my experience here so far. We’re lucky to have the NHS.’