VOX POP: Do you think there be tougher laws on dangerous dogs for dog owners?

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Here’s what some of our readers think, but do you agree?

Laura Kyne, Tring

I don’t think there needs to be breed specific legislation, but I do think that owners need to be more responsible, no matter what the breed. More education in dog behaviour is needed.

Tiffany Courtney-Barry, Berkhamsted

If you cant keep your dog under voice control it should never be off a lead. I think it should be mandatory that if you have a dog you should have to complete some form of dog training.

Sarah Whelan, Tring

I don’t think so, I just think better education e.g. please don’t let your dog run up to my children and shout out: “Oh it’s fine he just wants to play,” when actually he may just want to have a bite.

Nikki Lane, Tring

I think all dogs should be insured. And if they have a history of being aggressive, mussel them when out. It’s a tough one to say punish the owner: the dog could be ill and not normally behave that way.

Katie Hughes, Tring

Consideration of others is all important. I think if a dog has demonstrated it’s capable of killing another dog it should be put to sleep. It might be a small child next time.