Vox pop: How do you think England will fare in the Wolrd Cup?


Reporter Victoria Bull has been asking people who live and work in Hemel Hempstead what their hopes are for England in Brazil this year.

Anna Rackett, DENS fundraising and marketing manager:

‘Myself and my partner have decided to ban the World Cup from our household. It will be a refreshing feeling not being part of the football bonanza.”

Jacky Stafford, Dacorum RentAid administrator:

‘I don’t understand why everything has to stop for the football – England have got no chance of winning so I don’t know why everyone gets so excited.’

Pete Bell, Adeyfield:

‘I am of Irish heritage so I won’t be rooting for England to win, but I think they will be lucky to get out of the group stages. Having it in Brazil concerns me full stop – it’s a very unsuitable place.’

Simon Blundell, Fields End:

‘I’m going to be watching it. If England manage to get to the second round, they will do well. I think I will be confident and say they have got a chance this year.’

Edward Cornell, shops in Hemel Hempstead:

‘I am hopeful, but don’t think England have got a lot of chance. There are some good players there but I don’t think the younger ones have got the experience.’