Vox Pop: Should The Sun stop publishing topless ‘Page 3’ pictures for good?


Reporter Victoria Bulll spoke to Marlowes shoppers to get their views on the controversial tabloid’s tradition.

Elizabeth Murray, Boxmoor: ‘I couldn’t care less. I don’t buy the paper so it’s not an important issue in my mind – especially when you think of how many other important issues there are in the world.’

Scott Jones, Grovehill: ‘It has always been a part of The Sun, but if they turned round and said they are going to stop it, they should stick to what they said and stop printing Page 3 pictures.’

Ronald Taylor, Chaulden: ‘My mother gets The Sun and to be quite honest when I open it to page 3 I get a bit of a shock. In this day and age there’s not really any need to put that sort of thing in newspapers.’

Betty Johnstone, Highfield: ‘I haven’t got a problem with it. It’s the girls’ choice, it’s up to them if they want to do it.’

Julia Barnes, shops in Hemel Hempstead: ‘I’m not really that bothered, but I don’t read the paper. If the girls are earning money and that’s the way they want to do it, that’s up to them.’