Vox pop: Was Mike Penning being fair when he said striking firefighters put lives at risk?

Vox pop
Vox pop

Reporter David O’Neill has been asking people on Facebook and Twitter what they think of {http://www.hemeltoday.co.uk/news/local/hemel-hempstead-mp-tells-firefighters-your-strike-will-put-lives-at-risk-1-6112140|Hemel Hempstead MP Mike Penning’s recent comments about striking firefighters}

Rob Townsend, Hemel Hempstead:

“He is a complete hypocrite. He would be striking himself if he was still serving but all he is doing is towing the Party line. These Tory MPs are only out for themselves and the rich elite.”

Jean Turner, Hemel Hempstead:

“Mike Penning is being unfair. If you sign up to a pension, you should get that pension. These men have to go into raging infernos – that is a job for young men and women.”

Nick Taylor, Hemel Hempstead:

“Stopping and deciding if lives are at risk before attending a job is what is being suggested. We all know firemen will not consciously endanger lives but by definition any delay could do that.”

Sam Hollis, Hemel Hempstead:

“I absolutely support anyone who uses their right to strike for better working conditions.”

Jo Dolling, Hemel Hempstead:

This could very well put lives at risk, but firefighters risk their lives daily. They should be entitled to their full pension. The working man is being taken for granted in this country and its unfair.