Vox pop: What do you think of plans to cut bus services in Hertfordshire?

Vox Pop
Vox Pop

Senior Reporter David O’Neill has been asking people on Facebook what they think of {http://www.hemeltoday.co.uk/news/more-news/tories-defy-public-in-bus-cuts-push-that-just-30-out-of-thousands-supported-1-6401351|plans to cut bus services in Hertfordshire}

Susan Cousins, likes the Hemel Hempstead Gazette Facebook page:

If they cut the buses as a partly sighted person who uses the bus day and night, how would I get home? It’s bad enough they run a hourly time to where I live.

Paula Andrews, Tring:

These proposed cuts will have a profound effect on Tring residents who don’t drive. With the proposed additional houses being built, we should increase public services, not cut them.

Matthew Richardson, studies at West Herts College:

It leaves me without a bus if I miss one after college and no Sunday bus for people in Bovingdon who rely on it to go out. It’s a lifeline for many in the village.

Christopher Johnson, user of the Everything Tring Facebook page:

This just proves that making money or saving money is far higher a priority than the pollution and congestion caused by more cars on the road.

Jude Bean, user of the Everything Tring Facebook page:

I cant get home from Berko if they cut the buses, as if l get the train I have to get a taxi and I refuse to pay for that. I will have to change my hours at work.