Walkers told: ‘Keep pets under control’

A ewe and lamb grazing on Box Moor Trust lands
A ewe and lamb grazing on Box Moor Trust lands

A CHARITABLE trust is reminding all dog walkers who use its land to keep their pets under control, especially at this time of year when there are many young animals around.

The Box Moor Trust keeps a variety of animals on the moor including sheep, horses and cattle, and by law, dog owners have to keep their dogs under control so as to not disturb farm animals or wildlife.

Trustee Anne Barnes has walked her dogs on the moor for 26 years.

She said: “During many years of walking my dogs I have seen owners allow their dogs to run loose around horses and cattle risking injury to their pets, the grazing animals and themselves.

“Most people do respect the unique environments provided for them by the Box Moor Trust and I hope that responsible owners will ensure their animals are kept under control.”