Warning over electrical fires

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A FIRE service has sent out a warning over household appliances ahead of next week’s Electrical Fire Safety Week.

Herts Fire and Rescue is reminding people to take care when using electrics at home.

Herts County councillor Richard Thake, who oversees community safety, said: “Fire in a home can be devastating, but many of these fires are preventable.

“With half of all accidental fires beginning with an electrical appliance it is really important to be sure your electrics are in good working order and used properly.

“Most electrical fires start in the kitchen so be extra careful with cooking equipment.”

Other advice includes not overloading sockets, checking for worn wires, unplugging appliances when not in use and using Residual Current Devices to reduce the risk of electrical fires.

There are around 300 fires a year in Herts caused by faulty or misused electrical appliances, according to Herts County Council.