‘When will litterbugs leave our countryside alone?’ Flytippers target rural lane again

The prolific flytippers that plague Dacorum’s countryside lanes have struck again, returning recently to one of their favourite dumping grounds.

Their trash was discovered on Tuesday at the entrance to the farmer’s field in Holtsmere End Lane, a rural road that runs parallel to Hemel Hempstead’s Woodhall Farm.

Flytipping in Holtsmere End Lane, Hemel Hempstead

Flytipping in Holtsmere End Lane, Hemel Hempstead

But flytipping authority Dacorum Borough Council acted fast to show that it will not tolerate the illegal dumping of litter. Its staff had cleaned up the area by yesterday.

Tina Howard said: “Very prompt action – I must say well done to them.

“Then I was walking my dogs over the field today and found the second lot of rubbish, dumped about 100 yards along the track inside the farmers field.

“I think it really is about time that cameras were put up there to stop these lazy people from spoiling our countryside and causing the farmer a lot of inconvenience as he will most likely be the poor sod that’s got to shift it all.”

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