Will it take a coffin? Station Road parking fury goes on but still no action

Parking problems in Station Road, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead.
Parking problems in Station Road, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead.

Campaigners say an elderly lady using two walking sticks to help her get about slipped and fell on mud churned up by cars parked in Boxmoor’s Station Road.

It is believed that, although not seriously hurt, she had to be taken for medical attention.

The man behind Twitter handle @smartascarrots, who is sending daily tweets to Herts Highways, Dacorum, Borough Council and Herts Police, about the issue said: “It is worse than ever before. It is an absolute joke. It doesn’t matter who owns the cars, the fact is they are putting people’s lives at risk. Does it take a coffin?”

Parking along the busy road has been deemed dangerous by campaigners who say it makes it difficult for schoolchildren to cross and obstructs the view of motorist pulling out of St John’s Road.

Previously commuters avoiding parking charges at Hemel Hempstead’s train station were blamed but the problem has also been put at the doors of those living within the Image development where parking spaces cost £10,000 each for one-bedroom flats.

Herts County Council is planning a public consultation on waiting restrictions along Station Road but that will not begin until next March.