Witches and wind make it a challenging week for Hemel Hempstead scouts

There were strange happenings at 1st Apsley Scout Hut on Thursday evening, when hoards of miniature witches, wizards, ghouls and ghosts came out of hiding to join in the scariest party in town!

The event was open to beavers, cubs and their families, and full of traditional games such as apple bobbing and hanging doughnuts outdoors, and ahost of activities inside, including a lucky dip, quizzes and a fancy dress parade, with prizes being awarded for the best fancy dress.

Hemel Hempstead Scouts on Duke of Edinburgh challenge

Hemel Hempstead Scouts on Duke of Edinburgh challenge

For many of the little monsters and ghosts, the most exciting part of the evening was the ‘spooky walk’ around the grounds of the scout hut.

This was a challenge set up and run by scouts for the younger children, and no-one knows who was the most terrified, the beavers, cubs or scouts.

The evening finished with every child leaving with a goodie bag, and a badge that said ‘I Survived Apsley Spooky Night!’

Also during the first weekend of half term, 15 Explorers from HHEX (Hemel Hempstead Explorers – older scouts, aged 14 to 18) ventured out to the wet and windy New Forest to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze qualifying expedition.

The team split in to two groups and undertook a two-day expedition of six hours walking and project work. Saturday was a showery day, but through good teamwork and excellent navigational skills, both teams arrived at the campsite by 5pm in plenty of time to pitch their tents and cook dinner before settling into bed as the wind and rain set in.

Heavy rain on Sunday made striking camp quite a challenge, before the teams headed off for a further six-hour hike. Strong winds made walking with heavy rucksacks difficult, but again the teams made good progress and all 15 Explorers successfully completed the expedition. In all, the teams walked a total of 15 miles.

Many young people choose to take of the challenge of Duke of Edinburgh awards through Explorer Scouts – this is just one example of the exciting and challenging activities that Scouting can offer young people.

To join the adventure of scouting in Hemel Hempstead contact District Commissioner Russ Dyble on 07790 296378 or email join@hemel-scouts.co.uk