Woman of 90 dies after falling down the stairs

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The grandson of a 90-year-old woman was woken by the loud noises of her falling down the stairs at 2am, an inquest heard today, Thursday.

He discovered that Jane Stewart, of Breakspeare Road, Abbots Langley, had been seriously injured and called for paramedics.

She was rushed to Watford General Hospital, but doctors said that no treatment was possible and she died later that day on Tuesday, October 2, last year.

Hertfordshire Coroners Court heard that her grandson lived with her and helped give her a sense of security in her life.

Deputy coronor for Herts Graham Danbury said: “She had some signs of confusion and short-term memory loss, but she was able to lead a fairly normal life.”

He had given her a sleeping pill before she went to bed at about 10.15pm on the night of her death, as he did every night, the court heard.

Verdict: accidental death.