Woman took her own life by placing fire in a bucket in her car

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A woman died of carbon monoxide poisoning after placing a fire in a metal bucket inside her car, an inquest heard.

Herts Coroner’s Court was told Jane Revell, 54, of Shenley Court, Hemel Hempstead, was found in her Peugeot parked in a garage at her home on June 12 at around 9.30am.

Deputy coroner Graham Danbury said Jane had medical qualifications and had worked in a number of hospitals and laboratories.

She lost her job around six years ago following the Buncefield blast, when her firm’s building was damaged, and she had been living on savings.

The court was told she left a card for her family with a cheque to clear a debt.

Mr Danbury said: “She was clearly a methodical, organised person. She had high-level qualifications in medical chemistry and related matters and would have well known the effect [of the fire].

“With that and what she left afterwards, I relate it to the fact her funds had run out. She had been living on savings for some years and could not face the consequences once those savings were fully depleted and took a conscious decision that she wanted to bring her life to an end.”

Verdict: suicide.