Work pals tackle half marathon in aid of poorly colleague

Marathon men Tim Cole, Thomas Bancroft and James Bancroft
Marathon men Tim Cole, Thomas Bancroft and James Bancroft

FOUR colleagues are getting set to run a half marathon in aid of a woman who suffers from an untreatable liver condition.

Michelle Williams, who works for publishing services organisation ABC in Berkhamsted High Street, was diagnosed last year with primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) which attacks cells in the liver.

Symptoms include feeling lethargic, being ill often, and persistent pains.

Now four members of staff at ABC, Tim Cole, Nick Garratt, and brothers James Bancroft, and Thomas Bancroft are set to take part in the St Albans half-marathon this weekend to raise money for charity the PBC Foundation and raise awareness of the condition.

Michelle, 34, who lives in Hunters Close in Tring, said: “Basically it’s a bad cycle, you want to do stuff but your body doesn’t let you. Eventually I’ll need a liver transplant if it continues to progress quickly.

“James and his brother thought about doing the half-marathon and a couple of the other guys said they’d do it too.

“There will be about 10 of us from ABC heading over on the day though.”

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