Year of the Bat calls for some new homes for flying creature

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A WILDLIFE attraction has been putting up some new homes for bats at the site.

College Lake, on Bulbourne Road, Tring, has worked with North Bucks Bat Group to recognise the International Year of the Bat by putting up 25 bat boxes.

The project was led by Aylesbury District Council’s Biodiversity Project officer Hilary Phillips, who is also member of the bat group.

She said: “My job was created to celebrate working with wildlife for 25 years.

“The bat group has done research in the past and has ongoing research into the way bat boxes are used and the best way to hang them.”

Boxes around trees usually attract pipistrelle bats, but Noctule and Daubenton’s bats are also known to use the site.

Mrs Phillips said: “College Lake is a really good foraging and feeding habitat for the bats.

“There are a lot of insects there so you always get a lot of bats foraging. But we are not sure where they are roosting.

“They don’t build nests. They will just use bark, woodpecker holes or rotten stumps.”

The bat boxes are built with concrete, wood-shavings and baffles – layers of wood which bats rest in and are designed to keep out predators.

Bird boxes are also planned to be put up to attract blue tits and great tits to College Lake.