Always clear on exit from EU

Maria Caulfield
Maria Caulfield

Eric Woodward

Alfriston Road, Seaford

It seems that Richard Powell and Joan Ballingham are not happy with our MP’s stand on Brexit. At the last two elections that she stood for, and won, she had been very clear what her views were on Brexit.

Was it her fault that she was voted in when the majority voted for her? Did they not bother to find out her policies before they voted? She was very clear she wanted out of the EU at both elections, actively telling people her views. If she was wrong why did they vote for her in the first place?

It seems the Conservatives that voted to stay in did not know what she stood for as it appears many vote for the party whoever they nominate to stand. Cameron lost the vote on the referendum and said prior to the vote whatever the outcome it would stand. No second referendum.

Maria Caulfield is a lady of principle which is more than a lot of her fellow MPs. If she wanted to join UKIP I am sure they would accept her. The way both major parties are going she would be more likely to be elected again as our MP if she was UKIP next time round.

The best result for the country would be for the UK to walk away with no deal. We would then know where we stand and major European companies would soon lobby the EU to get a deal. Imagine England with no Mercedes Benz, VW and BMWs.

They will soon work out a deal and this country will be millions of pounds better off with deals worked out with many other countries and we will know where we stand and the stability will encourage people to spend money again.