Stocks Golf Course

I retired as a borough cuncillor in 2003 after eighteen years which included a total of nine years as chairman of development control and a year as Mayor 94-95.

l was involved very early on in the planning application for this golf course, after finishing a term as chairman of the committee l became mayor and as a golfer asked permission from our chief executive to allow my husband and l to become members, he saw no reason why we should not and therefore we both joined in 94 and remain as very contented members.

Now to the latest applications since Mr Peter Harris purchased Stocks primarily as a home for members of his family.

The club has never closed and there are approximately 230 members all of whom pay a subscription .

We still hope to conitnue at this now lovely course, as turned seventy year olds as quite a few members are the exercise in our retirement is good for us and the friendship and competition is much enjoyed.

The temporary small clubroom and two well looked after port loos have served as well in the interim period before, we hope to get a new clubhouse.

Members would like to have a kitchen so that when a visiting club plays at stocks food can at least be heated and drinks made, at present the hosts and visitors visit the local pubs, it would be nice to have inside toilets especially in not such pleasant weather.

There are to be no society events nor club professional or shop.

Membership is to be limited to as l understand 300. At present the two nice gentlemen whom check us in work from a small summerhouse structure.

They would of course be accommodated in the new clubhouse.

In your article you mention businesses being supported, there are six permanant greensmen employed who do a wonderful job.

The head greensman/manager of the golf course who lives in Stocks Lodge.

Plus the two gentlemen who man the hut.

Plus of course us existing members, who do not play by invitation only but as full time members. who can take a guest to play with them on payment of a green fee.

Now to the real point of the article, and the question of traffic.

When this application was granted back in 1991, Herts County Council who control Stocks Road had no objections, and there was no limit on membership.

With or without a clubhouse this club could continue and more members allowed to join.

A lot of concern on traffic issues but the APPLICATION IS NOT FOR A NEW GOLF COURSE IT IS ALREADY THERE AND HAS FULL PERMISSION we just would like the benefit of a clubhouse.

When l joined Mr Harris in September 2007 to show the head of development control and fellow planner who had been the officer in charge of that original application, a site thought better than that originally submitted, they both felt the site was better less obtrusive and the access we tested as to vision splay etc and was found acceptable, it is only fifty yards from the existing house entrance.

So you see it is not a question of anything to change except for a new clubhouse.

l do hope that this clarifies the situation.

l have lived in Northchurch for all of my life and have ridden horses on the common and through Aldbury hundreds of times and indeed hunted with the old Hertfordshire Hunt from Stocks when it was a girls school in the 1950's.

l cannot say l have found it tranquil for many years.

Driving through to Stocks is something which always has to be taken slowly as indeed it should be.

It is such a pretty centre we feel it will always attract visitors.

Yours faithfully Mrs Janette Dunbavand, of Darr's Lane, Northchurch.