We’re ignored by our MP

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Alun Tlusty-Sheen

Marine Crescent, Seaford

It is becoming increasingly clear that our MP, Maria Caulfield, is banking everything on the review of Parliamentary Constituencies passing and so now ignores Newhaven and Seaford – 50 per cent of her constituents.

We are still waiting on Brexit meetings and have seen no response to several reasoned challenges to her position on the fishing industry published in your pages.

And where was our MP on the Brett Aggregates application and the Warwick House closure – a vital day respite facility for carers in Newhaven and Seaford?

A word of advice to the new potential constituency Lewes and the North – this is a person who openly campaigns against the views of her constituents, her party, her government and herself over Brexit and is ineffectual over Brett Aggregates and Warwick House closures, to name but two issues.

Do we really need a person with this track record as a Vice President of the Local Government Association let alone as MP?