Arlesey chairman Cohen looks ahead to a bright future

Manny Cohen and Rufus Brevett. Picture (c) Guy Wills
Manny Cohen and Rufus Brevett. Picture (c) Guy Wills
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Arlesey Town chairman Manny Cohen says the club is ready to kick on next season after a successful rebuilding of the team by manager Rufus Brevett.

Arlesey finished in 15th place in the Calor League Southern Premier Division, safely negotiating the season after losing their management team and a number of players halfway through the campaign.

Brevett came in and steadied the ship, and Cohen says the club is now building towards a bright future.

“All credit to Rufus and everyone who chipped in and kept everything alive,” said Cohen. “Everyone worked together.

“It’s interesting to see how everyone comes together and helps when your backs are against the wall.

“We had a difficult season but finished 15th which, considering the change of management, is fairly good.”

Cohen said Arlesey received more than 20 applications for the vacant manager’s job – including one from Portugal and one from Sweden – but felt that Brevett was the man to lead the club forward.

“Rufus is really keen on building from the bottom up,” said Cohen. “He believes that players should be Arlesey from when they come through as youngsters.

“We are working on a whole redevelopment of the club – we’re looking to build the youth more as well as building up the ladies’ and disability sides.

“We are really looking forward to next season and Rufus has plenty of fresh ideas.”

Looking further forward, Cohen believes that there is no reason why the club can not aim to climb the leagues.

He said: “A lot of clubs say that they are happy to be where they are because there are a lot of things to worry about if you go up.

“But we are the opinion that we should just try to get up and worry about it when we have to!

“Our committee ranges from mid-20s to early 80s and everyone is hoping to move up and see exciting football.

“In reality it takes a couple of seasons to consolidate your team after a lot of changes, but hopefully there will be a lot of players who want to play for Rufus because of his reputation from playing in the Premier League.

“We are looking to get bigger as a club and we are looking forward to building towards a community-orientated future.”