Tring’s visitors from across the pond

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TRING School pupils got a taste of international football as they were visited by peers from a North American club.

Darlington Spartans, from Canada, travelled to the school this month after Tring pupils visited Canada in July 2010.

The Spartans stayed with hosts from the school for the two nights they were in the area.

“The Canadians had a great time and the occasion created a bit of a buzz,” said Tring School assistant headteacher Andrew Dobberson.

The two teams took part in a training session, before competing for international bragging rights with a match at the Grass Roots Stadium.

Watched by over 150 spectators, the game ended in a 0-0 draw, a result befitting of the friendly nature of the occasion.

“The kids are now firm friends through Facebook etcetera,” said Dobberson. “The Canadian kids spent a day with the children at our school so got an experience of life at a British school.”