Hertford feel the force as Camelot U10s just can’t stop winning

Rugby editorial image
Rugby editorial image

The Camelot U10s were back in action on Sunday with a potentially daunting away fixture at Hertford.

Camelot took two mixed ability sides to Hoe Lane where they each to competed against the top-three Hertford sides in a series of 14-minute matches.

Despite having far fewer players to pick from, Camelot came out victorious in five of the six matches, scoring 17 tries to Hertford’s 11 – including an exhilarating 2-1 win over the Hertford A team thanks to a late winner.

Both Camelot sides comfortably defeated the Hertford B and C teams with fast passing, strong tackling and incredible team spirit and support.

Two new players made their debuts, which makes the quality of the rugby played all the more rewarding for those involved as the squad prepares for the Bournemouth Mini Rugby Tournament next month.

The squad is still on the lookout for new recruits – please email head coach Dave Martin atdjmartin9@hotmail.com for information.