Herts Premier League set to be launched in time for 2014 season


Hertfordshire cricket teams are set for a dramatic breakaway from the Home Continues Premier League as early as next season after plans to form a new league were brought forward.

The Saracens Hertfordshire Premier League and Championship were due to take flight in 2015, but 24 Herts clubs voted unanimously at a meeting last week to start the leagues at the beginning of the 2014 season instead.

According to Hertfordshire league officials, the main reason for the decision for the breakaway is that clubs feel they can no longer afford the time or money to travel to neighbouring counties.

It is also hoped that the new divisions will benefit the development of young cricketers as well as increasing the standard of competition.

However, the Herts teams must give a year’s notice to depart the Home Continues Premier League and they will need the backing of league officials in order to leave in time for next season.

Tring Park Cricket Club, though, have confirmed that they will not be directly involved the breakaway from the HCPL.

A Tring Park CC spokesman said: “Just to clarify, we are not part of the new set-up and we will remain unaffected.”